March 29th, 2019

Take a tour of Winnipeg’s startup ecosystem

What: Two bus-loads of students will tour the city, leaving first thing in the morning to visit Winnipeg based startups and resource centres which will help inspire and assist them in starting their own companies and canvassing for potential employers. The trip will be followed by a wine and cheese where business owners and community leaders will gather to network with bright, up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow.

Where: 181 Freedman Crescent (meeting place)

When: March 29th, 2019 (8:30am – 6:00pm)

Why: Startup Crawl is a great chance to learn about what is happening in Winnipeg’s startup community. If you are interested in starting your own business, seize this opportunity, and learn about how local entrepreneurs were able to grow their successful startups.


– CEO Manitoba

– Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship

– North Forge

– World Trade Centre Winnipeg

– EO Winnipeg

– Payworks

– Tech Transfer Office

– Leo Prestte

– Good Earth Coffee

– Virtuistix Inc.

We will end our event with a wine & cheese and an open bar!

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Startup Crawl Information


CEO Manitoba is looking forward to our last event of the year, 2019 Startup Crawl. Provided below are details for the event that we think you will be looking forward to hear about. 

Dress Code: Be business comfortable, we will be on and off a bus. The weather is showing sunny and cool! (Business casual)

We are providing a small breakfast, fruit and pastry with some coffee of course!

We will be having our Wine and Cheese event at Clay Oven @ Shaw Park. We will be providing drink tickets and a small buffet. This will be a two hour event! The bus will return to the University of Manitoba for 6:30pm.


1.) Drake Centre (Room 108)
2) Smart Park 
3) Bold Commerce 
4) Haven Wealth Management 
5) Pluto Ventures
6) Trans Canada Brewery 
7) World Trade Centre Winnipeg (Lunch)
8) Futurpreneur
9) North Forge
10) Bit Space Development 
11) Go Oil Canada/ ACE Space
12) Fabrication Lab 
13) Far From Ordnry
14) Clay Oven Shaw Park (Wine and Cheese)
15)  Bus returns to University of Manitoba 


To contact CEO Manitoba council, call one of the representatives below:

  • Nick Shymanski: 204-918-1985
  • Harjinder Sidhu: 204-294-5129


CEO Manitoba exists to provide students with access to the events, network, and support they require to successfully venture into entrepreneurship. By improving access, we aim to become more valuable on a larger scale.

As a community, we have received notable recognition for our entrepreneurial and startup efforts in Winnipeg, which are most definitely worth celebrating. However, we’re looking to exceed the community’s expectations. We would like to see Winnipeg continue to blossom into an entrepreneurial hub that is attractive to private equity, venture capital, and risk capital. By doing so, we can make Manitoba better for everyone.

We have a vibrant community, with incredible amounts of potential. CEO Manitoba is committed to encouraging our members to step out of their comfort zone, pursue what they’re passion.