Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Manitoba

We make it easier for students to become entrepreneurs.

Everybody wins when you start your business. Entrepreneurs win because they get to follow their passion and make money doing it, jobs are made, innovation happens, and it can all start with you!


We inspire students to pursue their dreams through helping them with their venture. 


We educate students on the business skills they need and the resources they can use in Manitoba to start a successful business.


We collaborate with students from various levels of education from high school to post-graduate, various faculties, and institutions as well as the entreprenruship community as a whole.  

Attend Our Events

Kick-off to Entrepreneurship

The first member meeting is designed to get students from various faculties, levels of education, and institutions together to network with each other as well as successful entrepreneurs in Manitoba.

Startup Crawl

Students will tour the city to visit Winnipeg and get connected with the entrepreneurship community in Manitoba. You will visit Winnipeg based start ups and resource centres who can help you start your own business.

Elevator Pitch

Take your business idea and learn how to create a quick 60 second pitch. From there you will present in front of a panel of judges in an elevator for a chance to win cash prizes!

Ramp Up Weekend

This is a business plan competition where over the weekend with the guidance of mentors you will develop a real life business plan,
prototypes, and more. You will then pitch in front of judges for a chance at a cash prize!

Become a Member

If you are a student interested in entrepreneurship and starting a business, this membership will act as your launching pad.


+ Members attend member meetings for FREE


Elevator Pitch Competition

The purpose of the elevator pitch is for students to learn how to create a compelling business pitch.

    Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship

    212 Drake Centre, Asper School of Business



    The Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship (SCCE) is here to support entrepreneurial activities across the entire University of Manitoba campus.

    In addition to supporting students at the I.H. Asper School of Business we also support students from ALL faculties across the University of Manitoba – Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campus including: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Education and more! We support student entrepreneurship by being partners in education, driving entrepreneurial awareness through exciting competitions, creating a community where students can come together and support one another in their ventures, supporting entrepreneurial ventures through our Venture Coach Program, and connecting students to the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem such as North Forge Technology Exchange, Futurpreneur, World Trade Centre Winnipeg, Mitcas, ICTAM, Junior Achievement MB, Women’s Enterprise Centre, BDC, Red River Innovation Centre, and more.

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